Digitally empowering your school's processes

About 2Go for Schools

We empower schools to use digital processes in managing enrolment, excursions, and activities.

Released in 2017, 2Go for Schools has revolutionised the landscape of student healthcare management, enrolment, excursion and activity planning, and compliance through our unique suite of powerful products.

Proudly based in Perth, Western Australia, our products empower schools to exercise their duty of care with confidence through a comprehensive workflow, a user-friendly interface, and a client-oriented approach to customer service.

We are passionate about delivering tangible impact in the education sector through improving communication between schools and their communities, placing control of student care information back in the hands of parents and guardians, and providing powerful, seamless, and compliant processes that allow schools to focus their energy on teaching and learning.

Where we can help


From enquiry and tour booking to interview and enrolment, 2Go provides a structured workflow for the management of student enrolment.


2Go provides a suite of solutions tailored to excursion management, ensuring student care information is accurate and usable, a structured planning and approval process is followed, and that best practice compliance is met.


2Go provides a structured workflow for extracurricular activities, allowing staff to manage communication, participants, logistics, and compliance.